Introduction to Smartphone



Computer Science

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Nowadays, cell phone has become an important part of our lives; I think everyone of you has got a cell phone. Today, I am glad to introduce a new kind of cell phone product and this one is quite different. It is called “smart phone”. Why it is named smart? How smart it can be? There are mainly three reasons:

First, it is an open and powerful platform. It is well known that there is an operating system in our desktop PC, such as windows xp; windows 2000 and so on. It helps us to manage our program and data. In smartphone, there is also a operating system named Windows CE, it is a special version of Windows and that means we can get the same user experience as your desktop PC. Also, the CPU inside smartphone is really powerful. I can give you an example: 30 years ago, computers are giant and expensive box called mainframe, each computer that time can cost several billion dollars. The CPU of smartphone is even more powerful than those mainframes while each smartphone only cost for less than 1000 dollars.

Second, it is connected. It means the smartphone is not alone; it can connect with many devices. Smartphone can connect to Internet, it means you can use you cell phone to surf the web easily. Also, it can connect many servers and your PC. It means you can share data between your PC and phone, such as your daily calendar, your document and your contact list.

Third, it has rich applications. There are many famous applications on desktop PC. We use Microsoft Word to type documents, we use QQ or MSN messenger to chat with our friends, we use Media player to listen to music and see movies. On smartphone, you can still find these famous applications, there are special versions of Word, QQ and Media player, so you can read document, chat with others and see movie on your phone! The most important thing is you can do these things whenever you like.

At the end of last century, Bill Gates used to say that “In the future, anyone, anytime on any devices, we can get what we want”, that is also called “Information at your fingertips”. With the strong power and great function, information at your fingertips is not a dream, it can be achieved easily.